New Zealand

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The Beauty of Stuff

I admire beauty is everything; the mountains, valleys, rivers, tufas, trees… the list is endless. This past night I added one more thing to my list of admirations. Stuff. Not abandoned stuff, but real, useful industrial stuff. I really didn’t see the... read more

The Elves of Iceland

They don’t always like being called Elves, some of them consider themselves Fairies. The Elves do not like to be compared to Santa’s Elves, because they are not. They have been here in Iceland for many centuries, arriving long ago to protect the ancient... read more

It’s Not About Me.

It’s not about me, I know that. The world doesn’t know I exist, nature doesn’t care if I am cold. No, Nature is being nature and weather is too. It reminds me of the fragility of the physical being. How much damage can happen from just Mother Nature... read more

A Day at the Beach

Everyone Loves the Beach. What’s not to love? The sand, the ocean, the sky, the… gale force winds, the 3 degree wind factor. Really. How can you go wrong? Darn, I forgot my bathing suit. Seriously though, I really would rather be here than almost any... read more

Iceland in Winter

The Dismal City Every time I go to Iceland in the Winter, we start off in Reykjavik, the largest city in the country. It’s always dreary here, yet there’s a cosmopolitan atmosphere and an amazing array of gourmet restaurants. Yet even with the dollar as... read more

They Only Come Out at Night

They say that nothing is as it appears. While I never knew who “they” were, I can attest to the validity of that statement. Take this place, for example. One old and dilapidated train car discarded at the end of an abandoned road, in a town that... read more

Rare Sightings in Obscure Places

I’ve been to most places in Death Valley National Park, but there are a few of which I never visited. One of those was the Race Track. Not available to those without a serious off-road vehicle and two and a half hours out on dirt roads, Michael became obsessed... read more

Leavin’ Las Vegas

Miles to Go! Lets Start Early One of the few actual plans made before arriving in Las Vegas was a morning sunrise in The Valley of Fire en route to Death Valley. Leaving Las Vegas by 5:30 allowed us to arrive at Elephant Rock just in time to see the sun beginning to... read more

Chasin’ Light

Departure A loud clap of thunder broke my descent into a deep sleep just 9 hours from my departure. Having planned another excursion into the unknown to capture a fleeting moment, I was hoping to part the momentum of time, long enough to trap a few stray rays of light... read more

The Last New Zealand Post

On January 3rd 2014, I set out with my friend Ron Rosenstock in the midst of a severe winter blizzard, that shut down the airport, to travel to New Zealand. Not knowing what to expect I traveled in mystery. I left knowing that I would photograph for 2 whole weeks, and... read more

To See

I don’t know how to describe the feeling of low flight through incredible landscape like these, and to see what is possible through the eyes of an infrared camera, it really is just so different. On Thursday, I had the privilege of being invited to take a... read more

A Quiet Place, A Good Start

  I sometimes wonder why I start my trips with a visit to a church. I am not religious in that regard. I find they are always beautiful spaces and it always feels good to walk into any religious center and just feel the vibe. Mosques, Temples, Synagogues and... read more


  Like escaping just as the police break in to raid the joint, I made it out of Boston the morning of January 3rd, after the worst blizzard of the year unfolded it’s fury on the entire east coast. Some would think I was lucky, blessed even as my friend Ron... read more

My Iceland January 2013 Portfolio is Ready.

My last day in Iceland was in one sense, my most productive in that I made one particular image that is, in my opinion, the best of my trip. REMINDER: The images in these blog pages are sketches, low resolution versions and in many cases unfinished versions of what... read more

Stumbling Through

Sometimes you just have to stop and look. It’s hypnotic, seeing nature, the world in such a beautiful state. This photograph is really a poor substitute for what I saw, it’s just a shadow of the world… and what a world it is.   For the local... read more

Another Day at the Beach

No one except a photographer would consider today a beach day. We had the usual weather at the Black Sands Beach; low 30’s with stinging ice crystals, gusting winds to 40 MPH, you know the usual constant drizzle that keeps you soaked and spots your lens, thats... read more

When it’s Good, it’s Good, But When it’s Bad…..

Miles and miles of roads to nowhere, skies that never end and clouds that seem like heaven. That’s Iceland. What you can’t see and what affects us heavily on this trip is the wind. Forty MPH gusts and hard, constant winds make opening a car door a very... read more

Jordan is Done

After 22 hours of travel and sleepless nights, I am finally home from Jordan and reflecting on all that I experienced in those 12 days away. I had a serious perspective shift from just being away from my life and my work, I had a chance to work with my camera again... read more

The Ancients

Before there was a United States, before there were separate countries dividing the middle east, before there was any form of transportation other than animal, there lived a thriving ancient culture in a place called Petra.  Up until it was discovered by the western... read more

The Museum

If you’ve ever been to Monument Valley in Utah, you know what it’s like to drive into the visitor’s center and catch a glimpse of one of the most beautiful natural earth formations ever created. No one will deny the power of this place. Until today, I thought it was... read more

The Cleansing

Jordan is a desert country, dry and arid most of the year. Several time a year and if luck has it more than less, the cleansing takes place. Hard, pounding rains visit and unremittingly clear the physical debris, and calm the soul to make way for life. This was one of... read more